Biza / UK

When Alpha Group decided to create an airport shopping proposition with more of a destination department-store offer, HMKM were invited in.

As part of a total rebranding, the name was one of the key elements to get right for Alpha’s global customer base. Biza is abstracted from the word ‘bazaar’ to evoke travel and shopping. The striking black and white identity is accompanied by a swirling graphic depicting a fantasy travel landscape, which was developed by maximalist illustrator Kam Tang.

HMKM worked on every element of the Biza retail brand. All pricing and promotional information was systematised and simplified to reduce visual clutter while enhancing clarity of communication, which created a manageable and consistent approach for Alpha’s staff to implement. 

The final role was to design the full suite of launch material for staff, press and customers alike, ensuring all who engaged with the new brand would fully appreciate the concept 

“Historically duty free shops lacked their own identity and differentiation between the various competitors. With the creation of Biza, HMKM helped my company stand out from the crowd and raised the bar for the sector”. Peter Williams. Former CEO – Alpha Group