Harrods / Escalator 10

Harrods, famously, was the first department store to introduce a ‘moving staircase’ from one floor to another, in 1898. Escalator 10, which travels five storeys from ground up to fifth floor, occupied a very narrow Victorian shaft, so HMKM’s first priority was to generate a sense of openness through with a consistent architectural treatment. The solution – lining the walls with slimline fluted plasterwork panels with bronze inlays – achieves the optical effect of drawing the eye upwards and outwards, as well as conveying craftsmanship and luxury.

The same motif decorates a new bespoke stained glass skylight, which brings daylight into the escalator space at its summit. Two elongated, geometric chandeliers punctuate the journey in the lower levels, and a horizontal version is recessed into a gold coffered ceiling in the ground floor lobby that links to the separate lower ground floor escalator. 

Monolithic media screens are placed at the threshold of the ground, third and fifth floor and over the ground to lower ground floor escalator. These screens generate excitement and anticipation, while also offering brands a chance to advertise directly to the captive commuters.