Old Navy / St. Petersburg USA

Old Navy requested a new store prototype that would revolutionise the way the brand is perceived and strengthen its appeal within core customer groups. The brief called for Old Navy to be recognised for ‘outfits’ not just separates or basics. The challenge was to create an environment that appealed to young singles as well as families within the same retail space whilst keeping the feel cool, modern and fun. Within the shed-like unit, HMKM created a central ‘hill’ which conveniently divided the menswear to the left, and the womenswear on the right, with new and key items placed to the fore. 

A ‘garden’ sits to the side of the ‘hill’; set under a new skylight with an adjacent pathway it draws customers through greenery towards the fitting rooms and denim area. A 17-foot high ‘library’ wall of basics draws the eye to the rear of the store. A shimmering curtain of steel beads dresses the railings at the top of the mezzanine ‘hill’ area, announcing the kids and baby offer, without detracting from the adjacent fashion collections.

The first store to incorporate this new scheme opened in the Tyrone Square Mall, St Petersburg, Florida, the second and third in Las Vegas.